St. John's Preschool

Learning and Growing in a Safe Secure Environment

Thank you for making St John's Preschool Annual Auction a huge success!

A huge thank you to all who supported this year's "Annual Auction!"  Although our auction was not in person and not the event we typically host, we were able to raise $15,000.00 with our online auction.


Thank you to everyone who bid and shared the auction with friends and family!

About St John's Preschool

Our preschool was established in downtown Kirkland in 1974 and has been in operation ever since. Our main goal is to make preschool a “fun” experience for the children. It is hoped that they will remember school as a fun and positive place to be. While having fun your child will learn many things, although we do not consider ourselves an “academic” preschool. We try not to take ourselves too seriously except when it comes to providing a safe secure environment for your little ones. We feel we take care of the whole family including parents and siblings not just our students.

As a ministry of St. John Episcopal Church we are a Christian preschool but accept children regardless of faith background.


Your child will learn many things while they are with us. We focus on the skills that they will need to be successful in Kindergarten – social and classroom skills.  In everyday lessons (which revolve around themes) they will be exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and sequencing.  They will learn to take turns, sit on circle, complete a task, play with friends, and communication skills. Our main goal is to have your child feel safe and cared for while they are away from you.  We want school to be “fun” for them so that when they are 18 they’ll, hopefully, remember that school is a fun place to be.


Tuition is due first of the month

Current payment options are a check, either mailed or dropped off or you can call our office at 425-822-5079 and pay via credit card over the phone

We are currently setting up our online payment options. Stay tuned!


Preschool Phased Reopening Ongoing

Dear Families,


All children will be required to wear masks while at preschool. We also ask that at drop off and pick-up, it be only 1 adult, who is also masked.


The children will be permitted to remove their masks for snack, lunch (Pre-K) and recess. They will also be permitted to ask their teacher, if they need a mask break. They will be set-up off to the side, away from all classmates, and may do a puzzle or something similar. We will keep those breaks short for the safety of everyone in the class.


Thank you,

Alesia Portugal-Director

Update 11/1/2020

St. John’s Preschool continues their phased reopening October 6 following State and Diocesan guidelines for opening child care centers and preschools. 


Students will wear masks; social distancing and hand washing will be monitored.  Cleaning and disinfecting standards have been increased. We are tentatively planning for the remaining students and staff to return in January. 


Keeping the students and staff safe remains a priority as they make this transition.

The kids have been doing really well with wearing their masks.  We are thrilled to have the kids back!

About us

More info about our staff to come!


We have a variety of classes offered by age. Please see where your child would thrive with others of the same age!

Meet our staff

More info to come soon