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Answers to some frequently asked questions

Teacher Communication

A monthly newsletter and calendar will keep you informed of upcoming events in your child's classroom. Look for it in your email the first week of each month. Please read it so you can be informed of what is happening in your child's room. We will also place other important information in your child's Red Bag so please make sure to check it each school day. It is very beneficial to the staff and your child that you keep us informed of changes in family life routines or "phases" that your child may be experiencing. Sometimes changes may greatly affect your child's behavior at school. Whenever you have any questions or concerns, please mention these to a teacher.  If it is not possible to talk at that moment (arrival and dismissal times, especially, can be hectic), please email the teacher.

Student Supervision

Children are with the classroom teachers or assistants at all times, whether they are in the building, on the playground or in a pre-authorized outing away from the preschool.  Head counts are frequently taken throughout the day. In the unlikely event a child could not be accounted for, his/her parents and authorities would be notified immediately.

School Closures

Snow Policy: 
In the event of snow or inclement weather, please listen for news regarding the Lake Washington School District. If the Lake Washington School District is closed, St. John's Preschool will be closed, unless you are notified by the Preschool, that we are open. If the Lake Washington School District is 1-2 hours late, morning classes at St. John's will be cancelled, but afternoon classes will be held on time.

Scholastic Book Orders

You may order online only at Once online, you can explore & order from many other flyers. Our school code is TCJG9. Teacher selection is Alesia Portugal. Online orders will be shipped here to St. John's Preschool.


Parents in WA can print out immunization forms at 

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